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Our services … or what we can do for you!  Subvision Productions offers a wide variety of services ranging from stock footage to complete video productions.

Underwater stock footage / Custom underwater footage &                     Other footage                                                                                                                         Underwater camera services                                                                                         Complete productions                                                                                                       Film crew services

High Definition stock underwater and marine footage:

One of Subvision Productions’specialties is to provide  stock footage.  We specialize in High Definition (HD) and 4K underwater stock footage and particularly in the  geographical area of the Pacific Northwest.  However we also work in other areas. Our base of operations is on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and this is where we get the bulk of our images. But we travel all over the world and our growing library will show that.  Although there are many (video) images of underwater life, we specialize in behavior and environmental images and footage.  Our stock footage library has many sequences of rare or unique behavior of marine creatures.  This includes situations like mating, spawning, hunting, conflict, feeding etc. Our environmental imagery includes pollution, fishing and derelict fishing gear ( ghost gear).

Our Youtube channel has examples of these posted.

Custom underwater footage:

With our local knowledge of animals, ecology and seasons, we can also offer HD custom footage. We use a range of cameras and housings to do this. If you need a certain sequence we can attempt to get it for you. The best way to get  started is to fill out a contact form and describe what you are looking for.

Other stock footage:

Due to the fact that we live in the middle of nature year round we are also able to shoot above water.  Bears, eagles whales and other wildlife  are becoming a growing part of our footage library.

Film crew services:

Because of our location and our fleet of boats we can accommodate small to medium film crews with lodging, on site support and boating services.  We lodge up to 10 people and we have a dedicated camera set up room. Our 36 ft Canoe Cove is a great working platform for film / dive crews. We supply dive tanks, weights, air and nitrox on site. It is recommended that you contact us well in advance as we are usually booked up to a year in advance.

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High definition and 4K underwater stock footage (B roll) and camera services. Science Communications, Environmental Education, Community Engagement & Digital Media Content Production for aquariums and museums