juvenile dungeness crab testimonials

Testimonials from customers

Testimonials show the level of satisfaction of our customers.  Although not every customer express it in the same way, we are proud of some of the testimonials we got.

Here is what some of our customer have to say about our products:

Testimonials: Anne Stewart, Public Education Coordinator, Bamfield Marine Science Centre : (www.bms.bc.ca)

Your footage is inspirational and captivating It is unique in that you have caught many weird and wonderful critters going about their daily business, including interactions and behaviours rarely seen above water or in aquaria. Your footage benefits teachers and students across Canada and beyond, helping make connections to life underwater on this great planet ocean.”

Testimonials: Jake Martens, Director of Communications and Fundraising, West Coast Aquatic : (www.westcoastaquatic.ca)

Your footage not only captures the oceans true beauty but also the natural behavior of many of our local species. This attention to detail is evident in your proximity to the species, the lighting and colors and the physical settings for your videos.”

Testimonials: Jeff Heywood, content development, Vancouver Aquarium: (www.vanaqua.org)

You have an ability to capture not just animals underwater but their unique character and interactions. We have been able to use your footage to amaze and engage our visitors. The unique interactions shot with beautiful clarity stop our visitors in their tracks and get them commenting and asking questions. This type of interaction is invaluable to us as it causes our visitors to seek more information. 

I’m impressed by the variety of the footage and the technical proficiency in which it is captured. Your footage is a great addition to our gallery”

Testimonials: Andrew Best, principal at Archetype Productions: (www.archetypepro.com)

Sure appreciate the great footage you provided. Thank you very much for the patience and wonderful contribution to the Clio Bay Restoration video”.

Testimonials: Rick Searle President / Executive Producer , EKOS Communications: (www.ekoscommunications.com)

I Just completed producing a short video to promote the International Marine Conservation Congress. Big shout-out to Peter Mieras for providing stunning b-roll!”

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