Stock photos:

In addition to our more specialized stock footage,  we also have a growing library of stock photos  and a limited selection of video footage that you can license.  The easiest way is to browse our artist page at Pond5 .  The reason we use a broken for these collections is that the convenience  or downloading these immediately outweighs the specialization of the imagery.  They can be used for many different purposes such as web pages, signage, brochures, exhibits etc.  Each photo can be licensed in a low medium and high resolution version, That way we can match your application and budget.  You will find a small cross section of various images we have used  or sold for our clients. If you do not find what you are looking for contact us to see if we have it or if we can custom create it for you.

frozen kelp

Low resolution stock photos:

Lower resolution images are great of low budget web based applications such as websites, pdf brochures etc.  The lower end of still photography will cost you little and still provided a great impact. Good for prints up to A4 (8″x10″). Depending on the format (16 : 9,  4 : 3 or 3 : 2) the resolution will be around 1920-2400 x 1080-1800 pics and file size will be around 2-2.5 Mb

Medium resolution stock photos:

Medium resolution still photography is great for medium size (A3 / 11″x 14″) signage, higher quality reproduction in print and high res web use.  Slightly more expensive this resolution gives you more flexibility to use the image on multiple platforms.                    Depending on the format ( 16 : 9, 4 : 3 or 3 : 2) the resolution will be around 3264-3840 x 2160-2448 pics and file size will be around 7-8 Mb

High Resolution stock photos:

High resolution images are great for reproduction up to large size (A2 / 16″x 20″). Applications such as exhibitions, large signs,  media presentations etc. will get the best impact from these images. Depending on the format ( 16 : 9, 4 : 3 or 3 : 2) the resolution will be around 4608 x 2600-3456 pics and file size will be around 12-16 Mb

Custom resolution still images:

For extremely large prints such as wall size reproductions or projections we can provide custom images. Typically these images are panoramic image built from a number of high resolution images and combined to maintain / create the highest resolution possible. Contact us if you need these type of images.