In August this year a production company commissioned by NHK came to collaborate with us to film Spotted ratfish ( Hydrolagus Coliei). These deep sea fish that are related to ancient sharks normally live in depths too deep to scuba dive in . But in summer they come up to shallow depth and in Barkley Sound they can be observed in a natural setting and good numbers.

The team set out to film behaviour such as mating, egg laying and feeding. We managed to get all the footage that was needed and by the end of this year the first of the 2 documentaries should be ready. This will be a 35 minute programme to be aired in Japan. By the spring of 2020 the 1 hour version should be ready to air as well.

Apart from the challenges in finding the animals the team worked well together had had a great time. We look forward to working with this team again.

The team about to get wet