Become Ocean:

On January 19 2019  ” Become Ocean ” was performed at the Orpheum by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra as part of the VSO NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL

In addition to the performance with the orchestra conducted by Dutch Maestro Otto Tausk, Subvision Production’s Peter Mieras was commissioned to create a 42 minute underwater video to be screened during the live performance.  Although the time to make this video was only 4 days, the final result was synced to the music to match crescendos and diminuendos.  Peter was asked to be part of the pre-concert panel discussion and to introduce the video on stage.

Peter Mieras and Otto Tausk introducing the video for Become Ocean

Peter Mieras and Otto Tausk introducing the video for Become Ocean

The performance and the video were very well received and the evening was a great success.

Become Ocean is like nothing else you’ve ever heard. Made up not of melody, harmony, nor even rhythm, but of waves of immense, pulsing, roiling energy, it is more ocean-like than I would’ve believed an orchestral piece could be. Over its 42 minutes, the soundscape of Become Ocean is continuous, though it ebbs and swells constantly, and the unusual spatialization of the orchestra reveals the waves of sound as they move through space. Adams, as always focussing our attention while not forcing any conclusions, had this to say: “Life on this earth first emerged from the sea. And as the polar ice melts and sea level rises, we humans find ourselves facing the prospect that once again we may quite literally become ocean.”