New National Geographic channel program:

The series “Todas as Manhãs do Mundo” on which Peter Mieras of Subvision Productions worked as a director of photography (DOP) for the British Columbia episode will start to air on National Geographic channel in Latin America on October 4th.

A series without sensationalism and a great presenter in Lawrence Wahba

Todas as manhãs do mundo

National Geographic program

The series on the National Geographic channel is an exploration of the differences in night and day activities of animals in many parts of the world. It goes from tropical savannas to rain forests and temperate oceans. One of the episodes is about the marine life and other terrestrial creatures in British Columbia Canada.

Subvision Productions provided both logistical support as well as camera work under water and  on land.  The collaboration with “Canal Azul” from Brazil and Subvision resulted in a great episode and we are currently supporting a new documentary of Lawrence Wahba.  More information about that soon.