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Lingcod video

Lingcod video

Lingcod (Ophiodon elongates) is one of the signature species of British Columbia, Canada and an important fish for various interest groups. First nations traditionally fished this species in times when other preferred fish were less abundant. Current commercial and recreational fishing by bottom trawlers and hook and line fishing underline the demand for this fish. Recreational fishermen appreciate this fish and recreational scuba divers consider this fish one of the most voracious species in BC waters.

juvenile Lingcod eats shrimp
Lingcod eats shrimp

Lingcod are only found on the west coast of North America, with the highest abundance off the coast of British Columbia. They typically live on the bottom and prefer rocky areas at depths of 10-100 m but are also found on sandy areas, particularly when juvenile.

It is easy to obtain Lingcod video as they generally don’t swim away when slowly approached. However knowing the life cycle of the Lingcod and its behaviour will helps to get Lingcod video with significant content. And of course with any underwater video luck and being at the right time in the right place is a factor in getting exceptional Lingcod video. These includes examples such as a Lingcod trying to catch a salmon, a Lingcod eating a painted greenling etc.

Lingcod eats chinook salmon
Lingcod trying to eat a chinook salmon

The Lingcod’s reproduction cycle follows a particular train of events and is well documented. Around October and November females which are gravid will migrate from deeper water into shallow areas and select nest sites. The males , like with all greenling family members, fertilize and guard the egg masses the females have laid. The egg masses look like chunks of styrofoam and because of it’s high protein content many other animals try to feed on them. Sea stars, crabs and other fish likes them but the guarding males are vigilant.  

Lingcod video of Lingcod eggs hatched
Lingcod video of Lingcod eggs hatched
Lingcod female pregnant Lingcod video
Lingcod female pregnant Lingcod video






Below are some links to Lingcod video I have taken over the years:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiaC5IAp9tg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaHZYOKmgmU


Stock footage library

Here is a link to a short video compilation of our stock footage library:


About our  stock footage library:

Subvision Production has a range of stock footage. Our focus is high-definition underwater stock footage.  But we also offer above water stock footage. A growing  choice of samples from our stock footage library  can be found on our Youtube channel.  You will find a range of subjects like jellyfish, kelp, rockfish, manta rays, giant pacific octopus and much more.

The samples in our stock footage library are marked with a unique ID number and the description includes the format and other information.  If you want we can time-code the samples and deliver them to you via Dropbox.

underwater video stock footage

Underwater video stock footage

Subvision Productions’ main focus is HD underwater video stock footage.  We also create complete video productions from conception to delivery.  Although we can produce a range of different videos, our specialty lies in environmental and underwater projects. Examples are restoration projects, research projects, conservation and other related activities.

Subvision Productions grew out of our ability to offer rare, hard to find and sometimes unique underwater video stock footage. We produce HD and 4K videos that can be used as website content, marketing and promotion tools and enhance presentations.

We have worked with and provided underwater video stock footage and complete video productions for many organizations such TV Tokyo, Nippon TV, the BBC natural history unit, universities and many others. On our credential page you will find a more extensive list of the organizations we work with.

Our main area is the Pacific Northwest of Canada but we shoot world-wide and our growing library includes many areas of the world. We also offer general above water and nature footage.

We just started this web page so please stay with us for more updates soon.

If you need to reach us in the meantime feel free to send an e-mail to: info@subvisionproductions.com or give us a call at 250 735 5050