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Adventure guide program

Adventure guide program

Subvision Productions was part of a shoot of an adventure guide program for French language television this past week. The program called “guide d’aventures” is in its third season and is a series by  Ottawa based Balestra Productions.  Producer and director Mark Chatel is one of the busiest producers in the Ottawa area and was present during the shoot at Rendezvous Dive Adventures in Barkley Sound.

film crew
film crew left to right Ivan Cooke, Mark Chatel and Maxime Fourge. Photo by Kathy Johnson

This adventure guide program follows individuals who’s life is not a run of the mill one and who offers adventures of many different kinds to those who want to experience the adventure themselves.

In this episode the program follows a dive guide and a number of his customers on an underwater expedition. Peter Mieras is an accomplished diver, naturalist, film maker, author and lover of oceans. The weather was sublime and during the shoot unexpected wildlife showed up such as whales, eagles and sea lions.

first impressions after the dive
first impressions after the dive. Photo by Kathy Johnson

The adventure guide program will air in the fall of 2018 and Subvision Production supplied underwater and stock footage. After 4 days of shooting the crew and customers were sad to leave but very happy with the result.

Balestra shoot
Balestra shoot. Crew and customers. Photo by Kathy Johnson.


4K footage of fish net removal

4K footage of  fish net removal

During the weekend of April 16 and 17 2016 Subvision Production filmed underwater and topside footage for a video production. The subject of the video was  derelict fishing gear and resulted in 4K footage of fish net removal.

The location in the Gulf Islands in British Columbia was just of North Pender Island and the topside weather was beautiful. The waters however were not very clear and the currents and the diver activities with the silt from the net removal made the filming challenging to say the least.

4K underwater video frame grab of derelict fish net removal
4K underwater video frame grab of derelict fish net removal

A combination of commercial and volunteer divers worked for 2 long days underwater and removed 24 large bags of seine net as well as some recreation fishing gear stuck on the reef. A large amount of invertebrate life was returned to the ocean alive.

fishing gear retreived
fishing gear retreived

The 4K underwater video frame grab of derelict fish net removal depicts divers removing nets underwater as well as footage of the net coming to the surface and the processing of the net of the boat.

This is effort is part of a wider growing movement to establish a BC / Canada wide derelict fishing gear removal and recycling program.

The final video productions is expected to be released on World Oceans Day in June . Short clips are available for purchase after June 8th 2016 and will be part of the Subvision Productions stock footage library.  More footage  of derelict fishing gear s available in 2K .

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