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Lingcod video

Lingcod video

Lingcod (Ophiodon elongates) is one of the signature species of British Columbia, Canada and an important fish for various interest groups. First nations traditionally fished this species in times when other preferred fish were less abundant. Current commercial and recreational fishing by bottom trawlers and hook and line fishing underline the demand for this fish. Recreational fishermen appreciate this fish and recreational scuba divers consider this fish one of the most voracious species in BC waters.

juvenile Lingcod eats shrimp
Lingcod eats shrimp

Lingcod are only found on the west coast of North America, with the highest abundance off the coast of British Columbia. They typically live on the bottom and prefer rocky areas at depths of 10-100 m but are also found on sandy areas, particularly when juvenile.

It is easy to obtain Lingcod video as they generally don’t swim away when slowly approached. However knowing the life cycle of the Lingcod and its behaviour will helps to get Lingcod video with significant content. And of course with any underwater video luck and being at the right time in the right place is a factor in getting exceptional Lingcod video. These includes examples such as a Lingcod trying to catch a salmon, a Lingcod eating a painted greenling etc.

Lingcod eats chinook salmon
Lingcod trying to eat a chinook salmon

The Lingcod’s reproduction cycle follows a particular train of events and is well documented. Around October and November females which are gravid will migrate from deeper water into shallow areas and select nest sites. The males , like with all greenling family members, fertilize and guard the egg masses the females have laid. The egg masses look like chunks of styrofoam and because of it’s high protein content many other animals try to feed on them. Sea stars, crabs and other fish likes them but the guarding males are vigilant.  

Lingcod video of Lingcod eggs hatched
Lingcod video of Lingcod eggs hatched
Lingcod female pregnant Lingcod video
Lingcod female pregnant Lingcod video






Below are some links to Lingcod video I have taken over the years:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiaC5IAp9tg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaHZYOKmgmU



Our clients…what about them?

Subvision productions our credentials

The following credentials give you an impression of our working history. Throughout the years Subvision Productions has worked with and for a growing number of clients. The projects we worked on ranged from simple and short blog videos to full-fledged TV productions. With each of the project we expanded our knowledge, our equipment and our stock footage library.

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Here are some of the companies we worked with:

  • BBC natural History Unit  : Deadly pole to pole , various services and stock footage
  • BBC natural History Unit  : “Nature’s greatest dancers” , underwater stock footage
  • HMH   : Underwater video for e-textbook on Biology and Science
  • Alberni Aquarium and Stewardship Centre: Video productions for exhibits and education
  • World Animal Protection Canada : Underwater camera services and  and stock footage
  • World Animal Protection:  nature stock footage
  • National Geographic / Canal Azul:  DOP on the British Columbia episode on Todas as Manhãs do Mudo
  • Seattle Aquarium : various  promo videos
  • Ucluelet Aquarium : screen content in aquarium
  • Vancouver Aquarium : various project including screen content and underwater stock footage
  • TV Tokyo : underwater stock footage
  • Discovery Channel: Daily planetTop 10 Weirdest Sea Creatures Videos” May 2014 provided footage
  • Archetype Productions : exclusive underwater stock footage provider for environmental restoration project
  • Broadway Caprice : underwater stock footage for various productions
  • Hwan Parks Rhinestone Productions South Korea : Orca footage for marine mammal education project
  • Dolphin Connection Experience : underwater footage on derelict net removal for children’s education experience
  • Uvic / Oceans Network Canada : video production for Oceans Alive, whale behaviour footage
  • Bamfield Marine Science Center: short video productions for the “Ocean Link” program
  • VIU Deep Marine Station : screen content for centre
  • Nippon Television : underwater stock footage
  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada : underwater images for educational materials
  • University of Rostock : underwater stock footage for educational presentations
  • West Coast Aquatic Management Board : short videos and blog content
  • Earth Touch TV: underwater stock footage for show “WSX
  • Shaw TV : underwater stock footage for various features
  • Lady Rose Marine Services : various nature footage for promo video
  • Ekos Communications : exclusive underwater and nature stock footage provider for promo video International Marine Conservation Congress