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Fish Pacific Northwest

Fish Pacific Northwest  (video library)

This list gives you an overview of our stock footage under the category fish pacific northwest. The green text has links to the video on our Youtube channel.

Wolf eel:

wolf eels are not true eels but part of the wolf fish family with belongs to the family of wolf fish.

Greenlings: (fish pacific northwest)
  • lingcod fighting chinook salmon
  • lingcod defending egg mass static
  • lingcod defending egg mass swimming threatening up to camera
  • lingcod female gravid
  • lingcod resting on bottom
  • lingcod eggmass with hermit crabs and snail predation
  • juvenile lingcod eats shrimp

Kelp greenling

  • kelp greenling female
  • kelp greenling male
  • kelp greenling male defending egg mass
  • kelp greenling male and female courting
  • kelp greenling male and female ( male fertilizing and color change)

painted greenling

rock fish:  (fish pacific northwest)

Sculpins  (fish pacific northwest)

  • Buffalo sculpin
  • Cabezon
  • Grunt sculpin
  • Longfin sculpin
  • Scaly head sculpin

Shark skates & chimera  (fish pacific northwest)

Silver fish (fish pacific northwest)


Pacific Sardines

Northern Anchovy

shiner perch

Pile perch

striped perch

kelp perch




pink salmon



various fish

black eyed gobi








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