seals and sea lions video library

seals and sea lions

Seals and sea lions (Pinnipeds),

Pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) are a small but growing part of our stock footage library. This section has mainly harbour seals and Californian and stellar sea lions. The green text has links to the video on our Youtube channel.

Sea lions 

  • swimming at surface
  • climbing out of the water
  • old sea-lion breathing sickly shortly before dying
  • sea-lions slapping salmon on surface
  • sea-lions swimming underwater
  • sea-lions swimming underwater with diver
  • sea-lions chasing schools of pacific sardines
  • sea-lions resting at surface with fins in the air
  • sea-lions resting on rocks


  • harbour seal swimming at the surface
  • harbour seal dead underwater
  • harbour seals resting on rocks

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