Buying stock footage:

If you know what you want from our stock footage library and you have assessed the footage in your project, obtaining the footage is easy. The best way to get the original version is to contact us via our contact form or email us info(at)

For general natural history stock footage click here

For salmon specific stock footage click here

Types of footage:

There are 3 categories of footage:

  • Royalty Free (RF):  stock images for a one time fee for use by a single customer.
  • Rights Managed (RM):  stock images via a contract for a single use project. ( basic and premium collection)
  • Free Footage (FF):  free footage for use in an educational or cultural project.

All footage is subject to a mutually signed user permit, whether it is paid or unpaid, right managed or royalty free footage

Prices: ( buying stock footage )

pricing depends on a number of things:

  • 1) the type of footage ( royalty free, right managed or free footage)
  • 2) basic or premium collection ( SD/ HD / 4K and exceptional footage)
  • 3) the use in your project (nat./int. TV, in perpetuity etc.)
  • 4) the type of project ( TV, film, web, educational etc.)
  • 5) the volume of footage you buy

please help us quote you the best pricing when you are buying stock footage by describing your needs in detail when you contact us.

 The Process:

Buying stock footage is easy. just follow a few steps and  get your footage quickly:

Check out our YouTube channel for time coded clips that you can download. If you do not see what you want contact us via our contact form. Our library is being put on-line as quick as we can but there is also new footage arriving weekly.

Once you know what you want, send us a quote request and after we have given you a price and you agree we will send you a user permit to sign. Once that is signed and payment has been received we can send you the original files via Dropbox or another agreed medium.